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I'm Blessed to Be Here

Updated: Feb 5

Being from Oklahoma originally and now living in south central Tennessee, my mind has flashbacks every now and again. I have been in Tullahoma, Tennessee since 2015 and am very happy to be here.

I drive down the road here and people I don't know wave to me, I go into my Baptist church and it is so very similar to the church I was brought up in Oklahoma, I go to ladies events and all the women seem to be so down to earth, friendly and full of joy-I'm so happy to be here.

Oklahoma and Tullahoma have so many things in common that I just feel so right at home here; same morals, same demeanor as those that I cherish back home. I needed a place to call home after being in the military and moving place to place for all the years and when God brought this place to my attention, I jumped at it. I found a place that has BOTH a Hobby Lobby AND and JoAnn's, my kind of place! I found that I can drive about 15 minutes and be out at Tim's Ford Lake or to Normandy Dam to go fishing.

I'm a very to myself person but I just love meeting new people, the stories, the care and concern for one another and even some folks wanting to pray with me when we have a single goal and want a direction in which to charge ahead. I love to cook, sew, recreate previously loved items into new and improved things to love, I love to create....Period. I've been blessed with a creative spirit and a gardening soul and want to share and grow all the gifts that God has blessed me with in my life.

I'm a mother and grandmother to wonderful gifts that have blessed my life and want to be with them but they live in another part of the country. I have parents back in Oklahoma, along with a brother and a sister, I love them to the moon and back. I have a biological brother and sister in California and Colorado and want to get to know them better. I am a great grandchild of Francis Boardman Eaton aka Pistol Pete the OSU mascot.

I am a proud Christian, I believe in being able to carry a weapon (just in case it's needed), I believe that we are all sisters and brothers and we should not do harm to anyone. I believe that children and and animals are innocent and that all should be treated with care and looked after. I believe that the elders of our communities need to be treated with respect and listened to when they speak.
Life to me should be full of love, hope, respect, fun and lived to it's very extent, daily- we don't know when our Heavenly Father will bring us home to meet him.

I hope you will ride along with me on the wild ride called life and share some wonderful things with me!

Love and Hugz,


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